Misi Ke  DON’T MAKE A SOUND TOUR 2018 / 柯泯薰 

原標上開了個洞  長了天線
吸收了許多聲音  閃閃發光著

There is an open hole
An antenna grows out of that hole
It absorbs a lot of sounds
Glittering and Sparkling.
“Taiwanese sing-songwriter, misi Ke, expresses that she often feels like an antenna, collecting (receiving) sounds that cannot be heard by the ordinary people. She also draws and sketches a lot of antennas in her notebooks. Hence, I decided to put one on her album cover.
“Don’t make a sound” is an interesting and contradictory name for a music album.”
Client: All Ears Music Inc.
Design Company: Shuyu Tsai
Design: Shuyu Tsai